Advanced SD Card Manager 1.0

Manage all of the programs and features that are downloaded on the card 

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    Android 2.1 / Android 2.0 / Android 2.0.1 / Android 2.2

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Advanced SD Card Manager 1.0
Advanced SD Card Manager 2017

Take control of your SD cards with Advanced SD Card Manager.

Advanced SD Card Manager is a file manager. It works directly with the directory structure on your phone and can also access files on your SD cards. It supports all manner of SD cards, including SD, SDHC and SDXC, and cards of all sizes. The program is smartphone-oriented, but it works reasonably well on tablets and the like too, and perhaps most importantly, it’s fast. Even complex files operations are completed without delay or interruptions.

This is a focused app that sets out to achieve certain goals and does so well, and it’s particularly useful for people who have multiple SD cards that they swap often. If you have just one card that’s inserted into your phone at all times, then perhaps the built-in Android file manager is just as good.

The primary goal of the app is to facilitate data transfers. It facilitates moving data files, music, videos and much more back and forth between your internal memory and your SD cards. It can move, copy and delete files. You can create and manage directories with it. You can even uninstall apps, or you can move an installed app from your phone to an SD card or vice versa. Create an installation of an app on two SD cards so that you have access to it no matter which card you use.

The Advanced SD Card Manager user interface is a bit barebones. It does make it easy to see which folders and files are on your phone and which are on your SD card. Selecting folders and files is relatively easy as well, and all actions are easily accessed. In terms of look and overall feature set, it does take a step back from even most built-in file managers, and it could evolve from a good app to a great one with a little more TLC in this department.

It’s also worth noting that Advanced SD Card Manager is adware and not freeware. There are comparable apps on the market that are free to use. The ads themselves are fairly unobtrusive. They’re positioned at the bottom of the screen, but that does take up some screen real estate. Additionally, the ads can update at quite a quick rate, which can be an annoyance on older, more sluggish smartphones. Some users will find themselves disconnecting from Wi-Fi just to be able to use the app without ads.


  • Supports all SD formats
  • Transfer apps
  • Reclaim SD card space


  • Barebones UI
  • Ad-supported

Advanced SD Card Manager is an Android app that helps you manage and optimize your SD cards.

If you store data and apps on an SD card, an app like Advanced SD Card Manager can be a big help. Particularly if you use multiple SD cards and often swap them, this Android app simplifies moving files around, making duplicates and more. The app is free and ad-supported.

At its most basic, Advanced SD Card Manager is a file manager. With it, you can create and delete folders. You can move files into folders. You can move files back and forth from internal storage to various SD cards, and it lets you make copies of files and so forth.

At its most advanced, Advanced SD Card Manager is an app manager. You can move apps that have been installed to the device to an SD card. You can also move apps installed to an SD card back to the device or even to another SD card. The app is well-optimized, and all of these processes occur fast and in a consistent manner.

The user interface is functional. It looks like a default Android options panel. It gets the job done, and that may be enough for you. Of course, there are many SD card managers on the market, and if you use one regularly, many of them have much more attractive and feature-rich interfaces.


  • Move, copy and delete files
  • Create and manage directories
  • Uninstall apps
  • Move apps back and forth


  • UI a bit barebones

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